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Temporary Judge ProgramTemporary Judge Program


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Temporary Judge Program
The following are the requirements to receive a certification from Los Angeles Superior Court to sit as a Temporary Judge:
  1. You must be an attorney in good standing with the California State Bar with no disciplinary action pending, no felony convictions, and have been admitted to practice at least 10 years before the appointment. For good cause, the Presiding Judge may permit an attorney admitted to practice for at least 5 years to qualify.

  2. Fill out and submit the Temporary Judge application.

  3. Attorneys must complete a total of 9 hours of training in these areas:
    Types of Training Courses Information Course Length
    Bench Conduct and Demeanor In-person training only 3.0 hrs
    Ethics On-line training available 3.0 hrs
    Bench Assignment which can be Small Claims, Traffic, etc.
    [CA Rules of Court, Rule 2.812 (c)]
    On-line training available 3.0 hrs