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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
TYPE Volunteer
DESCRIPTION This program assigns a qualified adult volunteer to assist Juvenile Court Judges in Dependency cases. CASA volunteers are sworn officers of the Court appointed to conduct an independent investigation of a child’s case to assist in locating a stable, secure home, locate community resources, or accompany a child called to testify in Criminal Court. To this end, advocates are required to:

  • Review the case record
  • Interview the child, family members, social workers, therapists, teachers and other involved individuals
  • Visit the child once a month
  • Submit a written report of their findings and recommendations
  • Be present at all court hearings
There is an especially urgent need for African-American and Hispanic bi-lingual volunteers.

The Child Advocate's Office conducts informational meetings, interviews applicants and the most qualified are selected.

View volunteering program on LA County CASA website
PREREQUISTE Successful completion of a security clearance is necessary.
TRAINING 30 hours of training is required.
OPEN TO Adults[G]
College Students[G]
Graduate Students[G]
ALSO OPEN TO College Interns[G]
Graduate Interns[G]
Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court Child Advocate Office (323) 526-6666
(323) 526-6314
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