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Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court
TYPE Internship
  1. Free Arts Program
    Interns assist in the development, staffing of a children's waiting room and enrichment activities at the Court.

  2. Volunteer School Liaison
    The Children's Court program helps guide minors to get back on track in school and comply with the school orders issued by the Judge. The liaison meets with the student to evaluate his or her needs to comply with the Court's direction.

  3. Child Advocate Pilot Project
    Interns assist the Child Advocates Office in supporting guardianship ad litem activities in Dependency cases.

  4. Research Internships
    Interns gather and interpret data on Dependency cases to help the Children's Court improve its services.
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College Interns[G]
Graduate Interns[G]
Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court Administrator Office (323) 526-6602
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