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Family Court Services Mediation & Probate Investigations
TYPE Volunteer
DESCRIPTION This program allows volunteers an opportunity to gain office clerical experience as they assist office staff in mediation matters including:
  • Make and confirm mediation appointments
  • Answer questions about the mediation process
  • Assist with the enrollment of clients for various Family Law based programs, assemble flyers and assemble brochures
Volunteers are also provided an opportunity to observe professional staff and thus gain a better understanding of the mediation process.

In the Probate investigations, volunteers:
  • Gain experience interacting with other counties, various agencies and the public
  • Make calls to professional and non-professional conservators to locate conservatories as well as calls to healthcare facilities and relatives
  • Observe Probate Court proceedings
  • Offered the opportunity to volunteer at the Bez Tezdec Clinic assisting the public in completing required forms and responding to questions
OPEN TO Adults[G]
College Students[G]
ALSO OPEN TO College Interns[G]
Call Central Office for all courthouses. Program Coordinator  
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