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Judicial Operation Internship (JOI)
TYPE Internship
DESCRIPTION The Judicial Operation Internship (JOI) program provides hands-on experience in the major Court-support operation culminating in courtroom assignments under the immediate supervision of a Judicial Assistant. The two semester Court Operation Support Internship Program is generally comprised of a prerequisite one semester of Court Operation Support Internship (COSI), followed by a semester of Judical Operation Internship (JOI).

During the first semester, interns observe and assist with the work of the Court under the immediate supervision of a local Court Manager or designated person.

During the second semester, immediate supervision is provided by a Judicial Assistant in a courtroom setting.

In addition to learning about Court procedures, interns gain an introductory knowledge of legal terminology, case law, code sections, procedures in the Court Clerk Manual and other specialized written material. Intern assignments may be in various litigation areas such as Criminal, Civil, Family Law, Probate and Juvenile.
PREREQUISITE You must successfully complete Court Operation Support Internship (COSI) in order to move on to the Judicial Operation Internship (JOI).
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