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Paralegal Volunteer
TYPE Volunteer
DESCRIPTION The Superior Court offers an exciting volunteer opportunity for adults who have completed a Paralegal certificate program in paralegal schools, colleges, or universities. There are opportunities throughout the Court in various divisions such as Family Law, Civil, Criminal and Juvenile Court. Some of the specialized programs such as Family Law Facilitator’s Office and Self-Help Centers are staffed by trained paralegals and attorneys.

Paralegal Volunteers may assist with the preparation of legal documents for cases involving child support, spousal support and health insurance issues.

Benefits offered by this program include:
  • Exposure to Family Law, Civil, Criminal etc.
  • Experience in preparing legal documents
  • A certificate of completion *
  • Letters of recommendation (upon request) *
  • Networking opportunities
  • An overview of Court procedures and Procedures
* Must successfully complete program obligations.

Paralegal Volunteer positions are unpaid, but offer vital experience for those interested in enhancing their knowledge in paralegal career field.
PREREQUISTE Paralegal Volunteers are required to have completed prerequisite course in Civil Litigation and/or Family Law.
HOURLY REQUIREMENTS The program requires Paralegal Volunteers to commit to at least 160 hours of service and work a minimum of 12 hours per week.
OPEN TO Adults[G] with Paralegal Certificates
College Students[G]
Call Central Office by email for all courthouses.
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