How Can I File By Fax?
You may be able to file your case by fax. Paperwork filed by fax must adhere to all requirements of traditional paperwork and include a Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet (Fax Filing) (MC-005). The following guidelines should be considered:
  • Although designated LASC fax machines can receive documents 24 hours a day, filings received after public business hours or on court holidays shall be deemed filed the next court business day.
  • The proper transmission of a document by fax machine and the confirmation of filing is the responsibility of the filing party, not the court.
  • Each document transmitted for filing with the court shall contain the phrase “By Fax” immediately below the title of the document.
  • A facsimile usage fee of $0.75 cents per page, including the cover sheet and all tab pages, along with all applicable filing fees must be paid by credit card as requested on Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet(fax Filing) (MC-005)
  • Confirmation of the receipt of documents for filing, beyond that given by the standard confirmation option of the filing party’s fax machine, is available on request for a fee of $4.50.
  • No documents submitted for filing with exhibits, declarations, or other attachments that require tabs, will be accepted via fax unless there are no more than ten attachments, and no attachment exceeds three pages in length.
  • Each attachment must be immediately preceded by a faxed insert “tab title page”, blank except for the title of the tab typewritten in the lower left hand corner of the page. The tab title must consist of no more than two single-spaced lines no larger than two inches in length.
Pursuant to Local Rule 2.22, the court will not accept any document via fax filing in any location other than the clerk’s office of the court location where the document is required to be filed.
For the forms listed above, go to the California Courts website.
For a complete list of Los Angeles Superior Court fax telephone numbers, go to Countywide Fax Filing Telephone Numbers.