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Dept. 77 Hearings in Mosk Courthouse Will Determine Dept. 94 Casesí Trial Readiness


Effective March 21, 2011, cases where the parties have answered ready for Unlawful Detainer jury trials in Department 94, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012, will be transferred to Department 77 where their actual state of readiness will be determined.

If ready, each case will be sent out for trial, to a voluntary settlement officer in Department 73 over the lunch hour, or to a mandatory settlement conference (which may be held in an unlimited jurisdiction civil court).

If it is determined that the case is not ready for trial, sanctions may be imposed or the trial continued in either Department 77 or Department 94, at the Courtís discretion.

For further information, call 213-974-5201.


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