No photography of any kind is permitted in hallways, lobbies, elevators or any other public spaces in the courthouse. This applies to all devices capable of capturing images, including cell phones. Anyone capturing photographic images inside the courthouse may be taken immediately before a judge to be sanctioned. Sanctions may include fines or incarceration. Images captured will be deleted from the device. Interviews inside the building are discouraged as they may obstruct hallway traffic.

Media representatives MUST AVOID any and all contact with JURORS. Jurors wear distinctive red and white badges at all times. You should not approach, converse with or interview them.

Use of cell phones in the courtroom is strictly prohibited and will result in impounding of offending cell phones and barring the person from the courtroom. Laptop computers may be used, depending on the policy of the judge. The laptop will must operate on battery power at all times. Hand-held audio recorders, pda’s and other electronic devices  are not permitted for use in the courtroom unless permission is given to do so.  No eating, drinking, reading newspapers or chewing gum in the courtroom. Hats must be removed, sunglasses should not be worn and shorts are unacceptable attire. There is no talking while court is in session.

Filming and photography in a courtroom is by permission only and must be authorized, in writing, by the judicial officer presiding in that courtroom. When filming in a courtroom, the following rules must be observed:

While inside the courtroom, anyone found to violate any of the Court rules may be prohibited from filming and possibly excluded from the courtroom.

If you have questions regarding the court rules, please contact the Public Information Office, (213) 974-5227.  The MC500 Media Request to Photograph in Courtrooms and MC510 Order for Media Request To Permit Media Coverage are available on the Court’s Web site,   Like other Court personnel, we wear orange and teal employee badges. Personnel from our office also have distinctive gold badges identifying them as members of the PIO staff.