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July 3, 2013



Notice of Fee Changes


Effective July 8, 2013



As a result of the enactment of California SB 75, chaptered June 27, 2013, the Los Angeles Superior Court Fee Schedule has been changed to reflect the various civil filing fees that have increased or changed.



Increased Fees



     The fee for mailing a Plaintiffs Claim to each defendant in a small claims action has been increased from $10 to $15. [Code Civ. Proc. 116.232]



     The fee for exemplification of a record has been increased from $20 to $50. [Gov. Code 70628]




Changed Fee


Government Code section 6806(a)(1)(A) changes the Fee Schedule description for the existing $30 fee for services of an official court reporter, pursuant to Section 269 of the Code of Civil Procedure, to reflect $30 for each proceeding lasting less than one hour.


Section 6806(a)(1)(B) has also changed to reflect $382 for any proceeding lasting one hour or more, during a one-half day session.