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††† Probate Division Makes Changes

†† At the Stanley Mosk Courthouse


Beginning Feb. 3, 2014, the following assignments will take effect at the Probate Division, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012.


Department 5

Calendar:†††††† Judge Maria E. Stratton

Trials:††††††† ††††† Judge Michael I. Levanas, Supervising Judge of Probate


Department 9

Calendar:†† ††† Commissioner David J. Cowan

Trials:†††††††† †††† Judge Reva G. Goetz


Department 11

Calendar:†††† Judge Lesley C. Green

Trials:†††††††† †††† Judge James A. Steele


Department 29

Calendar:†† ††† Judge David S. Cunningham

Trials:†††††††† †††† Judge Daniel S. Murphy


Department 99

††††††††††† Settlement:†† Judge Marvin M. Lager


Additionally, beginning on Feb. 3, 2014, all new settings of Public Guardian Petitions will be set in Department 5 and all new settings of Petitions to Approve Minorís Compromise cases will be set in Department 11.


Expedited Petitions to Approve Compromise of a Disputed Claim will continue to be set in Department 5.Existing Public Guardian and Minorís Compromise matters will remain in their currently assigned department.



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