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Family Law Forms
You will find links to the forms you need to file your Family Law case. A list of Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law Local Forms you can use with your Los Angeles Superior Court case is also found here.
The forms may be viewed and printed from this web site by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later is required). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the application for free from Adobe's Web Site.
Judicial Council of California Forms

Judicial Council forms can be used in every Superior Court in California. Judicial Council forms always have "Judicial Council of California" printed in the bottom left corner of the first page.
For a list of all Judicial Council Family Lawforms and access to those forms, go to the California Courts website.
Los Angeles Superior Court Forms

The Family Law forms listed below are local forms[G] that can only be used with Los Angeles Superior Court cases.
Family Law
Form NameInformationForm IDRevised DateFillable
Application For Issuance Of Writ Of Possession / Sale / Execution FAM02712/2004YES
Application to Terminate Restraining Order FAM01511/2002YES
Child Custody Information Form and Parent Questionnaire FAM-FCS02101/2013YES
Declaration of Ex-Parte Notice (Temporary Restraining Order) or Declaration RE: Notice Of Ex-Parte Request (No Notice Given) (Temporary Restraining Order) FAM01804/2004YES
Declaration Regarding Notice and/or Request for Waiver of Notice of Request for Emergency Orders(Ex Parte Orders) (Family Law - Non Domestic Violence) FAM07505/2014YES
Detail Of Services and Expenses (PDF Format)PACE only, for Court Appointed Counsel.PACE00509/2009YES
Detail Of Services and Expenses (Microsoft Excel Format)PACE only, for Court Appointed Counsel.

You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to be able to open the Microsoft Excel Format file.
Family Law Case Cover Sheet-Certificate of Grounds for Assignment to District FAM02005/2012YES
Judgment Reject Sheet FAM00109/2013YES
Long Cause Management Statement FAM04512/2006YES
Notice Of Other Cases Involving Minor Children (Lasc 2.6) UCF00105/2006YES
Notice Of Rejection Of Application And Order For Publication - Family Law FAM00909/2007YES
Order Appointing Counsel for Minor(s) FAM01312/2006YES
Order for Appointment and Payment of FCS Specialist (Solution-Focused Evaluation) FAM-FCS00701/2013YES
Order for Appointment and Payment of FCS Specialist (Child Interview - Oral Testimony Only) FAM-FCS01901/2013YES
Order for Appointment and Payment of FCS Specialist (FC § 3042 Interview - Written Report Required) FAM-FCS02001/2013YES
Order for Reimbursement of Minor's Counsel Fees (Family Law) FAM01611/2002YES
Order to Attend Mediation Appointment FAM-FCS01801/2013YES
Parentage Action Request to Inspect and copy FAM06309/2013YES
Parentage Judgment Reject Sheet FAM06209/2013YES
Petition for Conciliation FAM01212/2012YES
Petition for Conciliation (Spanish) FAM012sp12/2012YES
Request for Default Setting (Domestic Relations and Branch District Civil Actions) FAM03108/2011YES
Request for Trial Setting FAM01411/2002YES
Stipulation/Settlement Agreement FAM02412/2004YES
Stipulation and Order for Appointment and Payment of Court Evaluator FAM-FCS00601/2013YES
For a list of all Los Angeles Superior Court online forms in addition to Family Law, go to the Forms section.

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