Judicial Officers ยท Permanent Assignments

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BROUGHAM, DAVID C.JudgeWest Covina Courthouse5(626) 813-3365
FISHER, TIA JudgeWest Covina Courthouse4(626) 813-3216
GULLON, CHRISTIAN JudgeWest Covina Courthouse7(626) 813-3240
HERNANDEZ, PETER AJudgeWest Covina Courthouse10(626) 813-3318
LOPEZ, DANIEL SJudgeWest Covina Courthouse6(626) 813-3230
MARTINEZ, VICTOR JudgeWest Covina Courthouse9(626) 813-3175
PETERS, ANTHONY CommissionerWest Covina Courthouse1(626) 813-3210
TAKASUGI, JON JudgeWest Covina Courthouse8(626) 813-3180
WHITE-BROWN, GLORIA JudgeWest Covina Courthouse11(626) 813-3106

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