Judicial Officers ยท Permanent Assignments

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ALARCON, GREGORY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse36(213) 974-5647
ARAGON, CONRAD Assigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse74(213) 974-6241
BEAUDET, TERESA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse97(213) 974-6233
BECKLOFF, MITCHELL LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse51(213) 974-5675
BENDIX, HELEN IJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse18(213) 974-5579
BORENSTEIN, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse44(213) 974-5663
BOWICK, STEPHANIE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse19(213) 974-5615
BRAZILE, KEVIN CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse20(213) 974-5617
BROADBELT, ROBERT JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse81(213) 974-4398
BRUGUERA, SUZANNE GJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse71(213) 974-6235
BRYANT-DEASON, SUSAN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse52(213) 974-5677
BUCKLEY, DANIEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse1(213) 893-1014
BYRD, CHRISTINE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse65(213) 974-5701
CATHCART, PATRICK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse83(213) 974-5577
CHALFANT, JAMES C JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse85(213) 974-5889
CHAVEZ, VICTOR E JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse96(213) 893-1021
CHRISTIAN, DEBORAH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse94(213) 974-5385
CONVEY, MICHAEL JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse27(213) 974-5891
COURT, MICHELLE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse67(213) 974-4331
COWAN, DAVID JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse9(213) 974-5598
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse29(213) 974-2333
CZULEGER, J STEPHENJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse3(213) 974-5583
DAU, RALPH W JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse57(213) 974-5687
DUFFY-LEWIS, MAUREEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse38(213) 974-5651
DUNN, JAMES R JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse26(213) 974-5629
FAHEY, WILLIAM F JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse69(213) 974-6249
FEFFER, ELIZABETH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse39(213) 974-5653
FERNS, EDWARD JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse21(213) 974-5619
FEUER, GAIL RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse93(213) 974-6705
FREDRICKS, JOSH MAssigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse41(213) 974-5657
FRIED, MINA CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse8(213) 974-5587
FRIEDENTHAL, ALAN HCommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse8(213) 974-5587
FRUIN, RICHARD JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse15(213) 974-5606
FUJIE, HOLLY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse87(213) 974-5573
GOLDBERG, HANK MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse4(213) 974-5591
GOODSON, CAROL BOASJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse75(213) 974-6243
GORDON, SCOTT MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse2(213) 974-5566
GREEN, LESLEY CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse11(213) 974-5601
GREEN, TERRY AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse14(213) 974-5604
GROSS, MARC JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse2D(213) 974-5691
HALL, TAMARA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse22(213) 974-5621
HARRISON, ROBERT CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse94(213) 974-5385
HENNING, JOHN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse75(213) 974-6243
HESS, ROBERT LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse24(213) 974-5625
HILL, DEIRDRE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse49(213) 974-5671
HIROSHIGE, ERNEST MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse54(213) 974-5681
HOFER, RALPH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse88(213) 974-5693
IWASAKI, BRUCE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse63(213) 974-5697
JESSNER, SAMANTHA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse31(213) 974-5637
JOHNSON, BARBARA RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 974-5791
JOHNSON, MICHAEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse56(213) 974-5571
JUHAS, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse64(213) 974-5699
KALIN, JOSEPH Assigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse  
KAUFMAN, SHELLEY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse60(213) 974-5705
KENDIG, HOLLY EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse42(213) 974-5659
KEOSIAN, GREGORY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse91(213) 974-6225
KHAN, ABRAHAM JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse13(213) 974-5579
KLEIFIELD, STEVEN JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse53(213) 974-5679
KLEIN, CLIFFORD LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse11(213) 974-5601
KUHL, CAROLYN BJudgeStanley Mosk CourthouseAPJ(213) 974-5550
KUMAR, SANJAY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 974-5791
KWAN, RUTH ANNJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse72(213) 974-6237
KWONG, OWEN LEEJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse98(213) 974-5623
LAGER, MARVIN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse99(213) 974-5471
LAVIN, LUIS JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse82(213) 893-0530
LEVANAS, MICHAEL IJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse5(213) 974-5594
LEWIS, THOMAS TJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse79(213) 974-6219
LINFIELD, MICHAEL PJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse34(213) 974-5643
MACHIDA, KENJI JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse90(213) 974-6255
MACKEY, MALCOLM JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse55(213) 974-5683
MACLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse89(213) 974-6207
MARMARO, MARC JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse32(213) 974-5639
MARMARO, MARC JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse37(213) 974-5649
MCKAY, PATTI JOJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 974-5791
MEIERS, BARBARA AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse12(213) 974-6227
MILLER, RITA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse16(213) 974-8806
MILLS, CECIL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse  
MINNING, DAVID LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse35(213) 974-5645
MOHR, ANTHONY JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse61(213) 974-6188
MOLONEY, STEPHEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse41(213) 974-5657
MOONEY, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse68(213) 974-5707
MURPHY, DANIEL SJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse29(213) 974-2333
MURPHY, MARY ANNJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse25(213) 974-5627
O'BRIEN, ROBERT HAssigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse  
O'DONNELL, JOANNE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse86(213) 974-5881
ONGKEKO, RAFAEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse73(213) 974-6239
PACHECO, RANDALL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse6(213) 974-5581
PALAZUELOS, YVETTE MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse28(213) 974-5633
PALMER, CHARLES FJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse33(213) 974-5641
PENNY, BRENDA CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse9(213) 974-5598
RAPHAEL, MICHAEL JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse77(213) 974-6247
RECANA, MEL REDJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse45(213) 974-6209
RICCIARDULLI, ALEX JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 974-5791
RICO, RICHARD EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse17(213) 974-5113
RIEGER, MARSHALL CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse8(213) 974-5587
ROSENBLATT, MICHELLE RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse40(213) 974-5655
SANCHEZ-GORDON, TERESA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse74(213) 974-6241
SANDOZ, JOHN HAssigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse43(213) 974-5661
SCHEPER, BARBARA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse30(213) 974-5635
SEGAL, JOHN LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse50(213) 974-5673
SHALLER, FREDERICK CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse46(213) 974-5665
SILVERMAN, B. SCOTTJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse7(213) 974-5596
SINANIAN, ZAVEN VJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse23(213) 974-5623
SOTELO, DAVID JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse77(213) 974-6247
STEINBERG, MARJORIE SAssigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse43(213) 974-5661
STERN, MICHAEL LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse62(213) 974-5695
STRATTON, MARIA EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse5(213) 974-5594
STROBEL, MARY HJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse32(213) 974-5639
TAMZARIAN, ARMEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse84(213) 974-5715
TREU, ROLF MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse58(213) 974-5689
WEINBACH, ELIA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse92(213) 974-2204
WEINTRAUB, DEBRE KJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse47(213) 974-5667
WESLEY, DAVID SJudgeStanley Mosk CourthousePJ(213) 974-5600
WHITE, ELIZABETH ALLENJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse48(213) 974-5669
WILLETT, ROBERT JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse43(213) 974-5661
WINIKOW, JEFFREY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse90(213) 974-6255

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