Metro Juror Pass Program (TAP Card)

Metro Transportation Program for Jurors

What is the Metro Juror Pass Program?
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We are pleased to announce that the Los Angeles Superior Court and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) have partnered to provide a Metro TAP Card for individuals serving jury duty.

The Metro TAP Card is offered to jurors who would like to take any Metro Bus or Metro Rail in exchange for their mileage reimbursement. The current fee is $0.34 a mile one way, not a significant reimbursement for those traveling long distances.

The TAP Card is available to you if you are required to serve more than one day of jury service. The pass is good for a week of unlimited local travel on all Metro Buses and Metro Rail Lines (including the Orange Line). The pass is yours to keep even if you have completed your jury service prior to the expiration date on the pass. Some extended zones (Express, Transitways and Busways) may require an additional fee.

NOTE: Even though other bus systems may accept the Metro TAP Card, this TAP Card is exclusive to jurors and cannot be used on other bus systems. Please check the Metro web site for additional information.

Metro is providing the Court with Metro Weekly TAP Cards for distribution to jurors serving at the following court locations: Airport, Alhambra, Burbank, Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, Compton, Glendale, Inglewood, Long Beach, Metropolitan, Norwalk, Pasadena, Stanley Mosk, and Van Nuys Courthouses.

How do I Sign Up and Use the Metro Pass Program?
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During juror orientation, information will be provided to jurors interested in the program. This includes a waiver sheet which authorizes your mileage fees to be waived in exchange for a Metro TAP Card.

How Do I Travel from Bus/Rail to the Courthouse?
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For more information about Metro routes and schedules, go to

How Do I Use my Metro TAP Card?
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Your pass starts on the first day you use it (tap it) and will be valid for seven days. Should your jury service continue beyond a week, see your juror services coordinator for additional cards.

Here’s how to use your TAP Card:

On Metro buses

Simply tap your card on the farebox’s TAP target as you board. Wait for the “beep” and “GO” message to show the bus operator your card is valid. Remember, you must tap your card each time you board; you may not simply show it to the operator.

On Metro Rail trains and the Metro Orange Line

Locate the station validator as you approach the platform, tap your card on the TAP target, and wait for the “beep” and “GO” message on the display. Remember, you must tap your card before boarding; it is not valid unless you do.

Turnstiles are being installed at some Metro Rail stations. At these stations, tap the validator on the right side of the turnstile before you pass through.

If your trip requires more than one train (i.e., changing from the Red Line to the Blue Line), you are required to tap the validator again at the station where you change trains.

Always have your TAP card handy as fare enforcement officers with handheld validators may ask to verify that you have tapped.

Using Metro to Explore Downtown Los Angeles
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We encourage you to explore Downtown’s many cultural areas such as Little Tokyo; Chinatown; or Olvera Street, or travel to a new restaurant. Explore shopping areas during your lunch hour. The 7th Street Market Place is but 5 minutes away by rail. In addition to unlimited travel to jury service throughout the week, you may also use the TAP Card anytime to travel on Metro.

We hope you take advantage of this new and exciting program. You will not only be improving environmental conditions, but you will also be enjoying an easy, reliable and less stressful way of commuting to jury duty. Please consider taking advantage of this program!

For travel routes to and from the courthouse, go to