Jury · Docent Program

The Juror Docent program was established in 1995 as a pilot program in two courts. After a great response and support from the public, judges and other court personnel, today this program has expanded to 14 court locations with over 20 docents throughout Los Angeles County.

What is a Juror Docent?

A Juror Docent is a volunteer who assists jurors and jury personnel in the jury assembly room. Docents answer the most frequently asked questions about jury service, and act as a public relations liaison for Juror Services. They also provide information to jurors regarding travel, parking, bus routes, restaurants and local activities.

As a Docent, you may have the opportunity to meet and converse with persons from a wide range of occupations and professions who serve as jurors throughout the County, as well as with various judges and court personnel.

What are the Volunteer Hours?

The hours that you volunteer depend on the court location where you are volunteering (typically, 8:00 to noon). You should, however, be willing to volunteer at least one day for up to four hours a week.

What Type of Training Will I Receive?

You will receive at least one full day of training along with on-site training at the location in which you will be volunteering.

If you are an outgoing person that enjoys meeting new and interesting people, and are interested in becoming a Juror Docent, click here to fill-in and print the Juror Docent Application. Please mail your application to:

Juror Services Division
"Jury Docent Program"
Los Angeles Superior Court
P.O. Box 866008
Los Angeles, CA 90053-0378