JuryLink (Metrolink)

JuryLink Transportation Program for Jurors

What is JuryLink?
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JuryLink is a program whereby jurors, to get to court during jury duty service, may ride Metrolink commuter trains in exchange for their mileage reimbursement they will receive from the court. At the present time, the program is only available to jurors serving the Downtown Central locations.

JuryLink is a program offered to jurors assigned to the Downtown Los Angeles Courthouses. Jurors who wish to take a Metrolink train will receive two 2-Trip Tickets in exchange for the mileage reimbursement fee offered by the court. The current mileage reimbursement which the juror will need to exchange for a 2-Trip Ticket is $.34 per mile (one-way), not a significant reimbursement for those traveling long distances. In exchange, you’ll enjoy all of Metrolink’s other benefits. These include a comfortable, stress-free commute with free connecting transportation and conveniently located train stations; tables for reading, watching a movie or getting some work done; power outlets for your electronic devices in most cars; and restrooms and drinking water in each car.

How Do I Sign Up for the JuryLink Program?
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During juror orientation, information will be distributed to jurors interested in using Metrolink. This includes a waiver sheet which authorizes your mileage fees to be waived in exchange for two 2-Trip Tickets on Metrolink. The value of the two 2-Trip Tickets exceeds the value of your reimbursement.

To validate your ticket, find the metal validating machine on the train platform and insert your ticket before you board the train each time. The machine will stamp the date and time on your ticket. You will be issued another ticket by Superior Court Juror Services staff if you use up both your 2-Trip Ticket and still are on jury duty.

How Do I Get from Union Station to the Courthouse?
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When your train arrives at Union Station, proceed to the Alameda Street Exit. Take the DASH bus titled “B – Financial District” going South on Alameda Street. The “B” Dash runs every 15-20 minutes.


For the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center – Exit on Temple and Spring Street.

For the Stanley Mosk Courthouse – Exit on 1st and Grand Avenue.

Where Does Metrolink Run?
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Metrolink provides train service between various stations in Los Angeles County, including:

Baldwin Park
Burbank-Bob Hope Airport
Burbank – Downtown
Cal State LA
Downtown Pomona
El Monte
Montebello/ Commerce
North Main Corona
Norwalk/ Santa Fe Springs
Pomona (North)
Santa Clarita
Simi Valley
Sun Valley
Sylmar/San Fernando
Union Station
Van Nuys
Via Princessa
Vincent Grade/Acton

If you have questions about Metrolink or connecting transit, call 800-371-LINK (5465) or visit www.metrolinktrains.com.

How Do I Validate my 2-Trip Ticket?
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You will receive two 2-Trip tickets from our jury assembly room staff. These tickets are good for a total of four one-way rides or two roundtrips. Each ticket must be “validated” for each ride before you board your Metrolink train. A metal validator, located at each station, will stamp the date and time on your ticket. You cannot validate tickets on the train. Since the conductor may inspect tickets on the train, you may be subject to a citation and fine if you forget to validate your ticket.

Go to 1-800-371-LINK(5465) or www.metrolinktrains.com for more information.