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Online Information
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The Juror Services Division now offers a variety of online services on our website. Most of the services that you would normally completed by calling our telephone number, can now be accomplished by selecting our online services and by selecting “My Jury Duty Portal”. You must have your JID Number and PIN Number available to access these services. These services include:

  • Online Jury Orientation
  • Register for Jury Service/Complete your Summons
  • Request a Postponement/Reschedule your Service
  • Change/Correct your Address
  • Obtain your Reporting Instructions
  • Request a Peace Officer Exemption under PC 830.1, 830.2(a), or 830.33(a)
  • Request an Excuse
    • Based on a Medical Excuse
    • Based on a Financial Hardship
    • Based on Previous Completed Jury Services within the last 12 months
    • Based on non-U.S. Citizenship
    • Based on non-Los Angeles County Residency or non-U.S. Residency
    • Based on Active Military Service
  • Request a Transfer to Another Courthouse
    • Based on an Extreme Hardship

To Access Jury Online Services
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From this website, select the Online Services Link “My Jury Duty Portal”, located in the left side menu options. When the “My Jury Duty Portal” login page appears, type your JID Number, PIN Number and Last Name (as it appears on the summons). Select the “Submit” button to proceed. The tabs at the top of your “My Jury Duty Portal” main page will guide you through the on-line process.

Online Service Requirements
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If any of the tabs at the top of the page are enabled, e.g. grayed out, this means that the option is not available to you at this time. These options may not be available because:

  1. You have not completed your “MyInfo” information;
  2. You have not registered for service;
  3. You have received a “Failure to Appear” notice;
  4. You have received an “Order to Show Cause” notice;
  5. You have requested an excuse or transfer, and is still waiting to hear back from the court.
  6. Online Orientation - You are too late to perform online orientation. You must complete orientation by 10:00 p.m. on the Sunday prior to your reporting week. The online orientation takes approximately one hour to complete. Online Orientation is not available to you during your reporting week. This is because the Court requires significant time in advance to develop daily reports for reporting jurors.

Online Services include:

  • On-line Orientation - allows you to view and experience the orientation process via the internet. The interactive orientation will take approximately one hour and can be viewed at a time that is convenient to you. Completion of the orientation, with a printed certificate, allows you to start service on your reporting day, up to two hours later. The amount of time you save will depend on the court to which you have been summoned. You will not have to participate in the In-House orientation process. To access the online orientation select the “Orientation” tab on the Jury Duty Portal.

    Please note that you may begin your on-line orientation any time after you have registered for service, but no later than 10:00 p.m. Sunday prior to your report week.

  • Register for Jury Service - allows you to complete your summons online, and register for jury service. Before you can begin the registration process you must complete a few questions. On the Jury Duty Portal, select the tab “My Info”, and complete a few questions. Then you can proceed to the “My Summons” tab and complete your summons and register for service.

  • Request Postponement - allows you to postpone your jury service if personal or business matters do not allow the juror to perform service during the report week listed on the summons. You may postpone up to 90 days only. To request a postponement select the “Reschedule” tab on the “My Jury Duty Portal” and follow the prompts.

  • Request Your Reporting Instructions - allows you to “Report-In” and access reporting instructions during your service week. To obtain reporting instructions select the “Reporting Instructions” tab on the “My Jury Duty Portal” and follow the prompts.

  • Request an Excuse from Jury - allows you to request an excuse based on financial, medical or other hardships. To request an excuse select the ““Excuse” tab on the “My Jury Duty Portal” and follow the prompts.

  • Request a Transfer to Another Court Location - - allows you to request a transfer to another court location based on an extreme hardship. To request a transfer select the “Excuse” tab on the “My Jury Duty Portal” and follow the prompts.

  • Correct Your Address Online - - allows you to correct your mailing address online. You can do this by selecting the “MyInfo” tab on the “My Jury Duty Portal”.

  • Special Handling - allow you to provide us with additional information as to why you cannot serve: has served within the last 12 months; juror is deceased; active military duty; moved out of Los Angeles County; nursing mother; juror need ADA accommodations, U.S. Expatriates living outside of the United States, etc.

  • Other Information - you can also obtain information about your court location, parking, maps, transportation, and places to eat near your court location.